The FCRG are delighted to welcome a new member to team; Dr Amanda Roberts. Amanda joined the University of Lincoln last week as a Reader in psychology and today, at the first FCRG meeting of the academic year, the team heard about the exciting research projects that Amanda has undertaken, is currently working on, and plans to conduct. For those not familiar, Amanda adopts an epidemiological approach to the study of clinical and forensic phenomena. Broadly speaking, Amanda’s current academic interests revolve around the subject of risk, both at the individual and population level. Recently, this has involved looking into two particular behaviours; namely, pathological gambling and extensive pornography use. Amanda’s findings so far have highlighted some important gaps in the literature (e.g., gambling and pornography use by children and adolescents) that warrant future investigation.

Given that some clinical members of the FCRG research gambling behaviour (e.g., Dr Adrian Parke, Julie Pattinson) and some forensic members research pornography used by sexual offenders (e.g., Dr Hannah Merdian, Danielle Kettleborough), Amanda is an ideal addition to team. We are all eager to see (and share) more of Amanda’s research as it unfolds and look forward to collaborating with her on future projects.

If you wish to contact Amanda, you can do so at –