We are delighted to announce that Dr. David Keatley – a new full-time lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Lincoln – has joined the FCRG.

Dr. Keatley’s research primarily focuses on implicit, impulsive processes in predicting a variety of health and social behaviours. He has developed Implicit Association Tests (IATs) related to a range of psychological constructs and behaviours, including motivation, dating, altruism, athlete doping, smoking, and eating habits. Related to this, Dr. Keatley is interested in aspects of Health Psychology and uses a range of measures (both implicit and explicit) to predict individuals’ approach/avoidance motivation and success at adopting healthy lifestyles.

We look forward to hearing more about Dr. Keatley’s forthcoming research, which the FCRG will keep you informed about. For more information on Dr. Keatley and his work, visit his website – http://www.davidkeatley.com. You can also follow him on Twitter