We are delighted to welcome Michelle Smith, who joined the University of Lincoln as a new lecturer in Forensic Psychology this week. Michelle will also be joining the FCRG.

Michelle is a BPS chartered and HCPC registered Forensic Psychologist. HerĀ main areas of forensic practice have been in prisons and secure hospital settings, including working with male and female young and adult offenders as well as individuals with personality disorder and mental health difficulties. In particular, MichelleĀ specialised in working with female offenders both within prison as well as secure hospital settings, where I developed a particular interest in personality disorder and trauma as well as undertaking additional training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. More recently, Michelle has established the initial provision of Psychological Services within the Offender Health Directorate of Nottinghamshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Michelle’s researchĀ interests include:

Personality disordered offenders – The effectiveness of treatment pathways in both custody and in the community, as well as associated risk management strategies.

Trauma and offending –Ā Many offenders have complex traumatic backgrounds that contribute to the development of their offending behaviour. Michelle is interested in exploring how effectively standard offending behaviour programmes incorporate models of trauma and what impact this has on levels of risk, particularly with regard to sex offender treatment.

Clinical supervision and staff resilience – The impact of supervision/reflective practice with prison staff working with mentally disordered offenders and how this affects mental well-being, resilience, and perceived competency.

Michelle will beĀ teaching on the MSc in Forensic Psychology and the ‘BSc Psychology with Forensic Psychology’ courses. Her specialist areas of teaching focus on applied aspects of Forensic Psychology, including the assessment and treatment of offenders , personality disorder and mental illness, female offenders, trauma, and Dialectical Behaviour therapy.