Congratulations are in order for fellow FCRG member – Dr Kevin Butler – who, along with his colleague Dr Laëtitia Maréchal (from the EvoDevo Research Group), has recently received research funding and an invitation to a public engagement event in Brussels. Details are below:

In collaboration with Dr Maréchal and his undergraduate students (Tiffany McNally and Olivia Smith), Dr Butler was recently awarded funding from the ‘Undergraduate Research Opportunities Scheme’ (UROS) to investigate impulsive and risk taking behaviour in relation to approaching wild animals. Wildlife tourism is a growing industry and encounters with wild animals can be dangerous for both tourists and the animals involved. Dr Kevin et al. will investigate the role that individual differences play in making poor approach choices. They hope this research will increase public understanding of potential risks and will lead to better, safer wildlife tourism experiences for everyone concerned.

Public Engagement:
Also, Dr Butler and Dr Maréchal have been invited to attend a public engagement event entitled ‘Science is Wonderful’ at the EU Parliament in Brussels (26-27th September, 2017). At this event, they will present their research investigating the psychology of human-animal interactions: (1) Perception of primate emotion from facial expressions (Dr Maréchal) and (2) impulsivity and risk taking in relation to approaching wild animals (both Dr Maréchal and Butler).