The Forensic and Crime Research Group (FCRG), headed by Dr Ross Bartels (lead) and Dr Lauren Smith (deputy) is based in the School of Psychology at the University of Lincoln and is concerned with various forensic related topics. To see our full list of members (inc. academic staff, PhD students, and associates), click on the Members tab above. 

Research within the FCRG involves the application of psychological knowledge and methods to areas relating to crime and justice. Specific core research topics within the FCRG include: Understanding Offending (e.g., examining processes and factors associated with offence-related cognitions and fantasies); Public Attitudes (e.g., attitudes towards people who have offended and their reintegration into society); Forensic Practice Research (e.g., the assessment of risk and the treatment of offending behaviours, occupational stress among forensic staff); Investigative and Courtroom Issues (e.g., accuracy of testimony, police investigation techniques, courtroom practices, and supporting transitions and families of people with criminal convictions, ); and Service Evaluations (e.g., evaluating the delivery and efficacy of local rehabilitation schemes).

Our research is embedded within a set of University research themes: HEALTH & WELLBEING  |  COMMUNITIES

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