Ross and Hannah attend the IATSO conference in Norway.

On 30th Aug Р1st Sept 2023, Ross Bartels and Hannah Merdian presented at the 17th IATSO conference in Trondheim (Norway).

Ross presented the findings of a study designed and conducted with Federico Vanni (a previous intern from the University of Padua). The talk was entitled “Do the Sexual Fantasies of Minor-Attracted People Differ Depending on the Target?”.

As an Editor-in-Chief for IATSO’s journal (SOTRAP), Ross also attended the editors meeting at the conference.¬†

Hannah presented a talk showcasing findings from a collaborative project with ‘Stop it Now – Scotland‘. The talk was entitled “Stop It Now! Scotland – Database analysis and development of data quality standards“.

Phil Willmot publishes new paper!


FCRG member Phil Willmot, along with ex-MSc student Alex Mason, has published a new study in the¬†Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology entitled ‘Institutional¬†Firesetting¬†in a Forensic Inpatient Population’

In the study, the characteristics and firesetting histories of 32 patients with histories of institutional firesetting in a secure psychiatric unit in the UK were examined. Only six patients (18.8%) had a prior conviction for firesetting, while a further eight (25.0%) had a history of firesetting but no conviction. All institutional firesetting was carried out alone, most commonly in a cell or bedroom. Institutional firesetting was significantly more common among patients with a diagnosis of personality disorder than among those with a diagnosis of mental illness.

The results are consistent with the M-TTAF trajectories model of firesetting. Different patterns of firesetting may emerge in institutional settings because firesetting may be one of an extremely limited repertoire of problem solving strategies and may be inadvertently reinforced in these settings. These results suggest that there may be a subgroup of institutional firesetters with no previous history of firesetting and this is a group that merits more detailed study.

Willmot, P., & Mason, A. (2023). Institutional firesetting in a forensic inpatient population. Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology, 1-15.

Hannah & Lauren receive funding from Lincoln Policy Hub!

In March 2023, Dr Hannah Merdian and Dr Lauren Smith (FCRG deputy), along with other colleagues, have received funding from the Lincoln Policy Hub to support a project entitled ‚ÄúTackling Online Harms: Rapid Evidence Assessment on Parental or Parental-Supported interventions‚ÄĚ.¬† The project is part of an existing partnership with Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Partnership.¬†

Lauren, Tochs, and Todd secure funding!

FCRG members Lauren Smith, Todd Hogue, and Tochukwu Onwuegbusi, along with colleagues in the School of Law , Health and Social Care, and the Lincoln International Business School have been awarded just over £154,000 for a HMPPS contract to evaluate Commissioned Rehabilitative Services, valued at just over £150,000!


FCRG members attend the EAPL conference in Romania!

Tochukwu Onwuegbusi (Tochs), Lauren Smith, and Todd Hogue from the FCRG recently attended and presented several papers at the European Association of Psychology and Law (EAPL) conference in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (3-8th July, 2023).


Tochs presented some quantitative data of their ARC project

Lauren presented about a project on meeting the needs of autistic adults and adults with learning disabilities in Midlands (UK)

Tochs, Lauren, and Todd gave fascinating on Assisting Rehabilitation through Collaboration: A review