Dr Phil Willmot’s student presents at conference!

On the 6th October 2022, MSc student Olivia Cressey (supervised by FCRG member Dr Phil Willmot) gave a presentation on her thesis at the High Secure Hospitals Psychology Conference. The talk was on “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Schema Therapy for Behavioural Change in Forensic Patients with Personality Disorders” 



Dr Lauren Smith presents Howard League for Penal Reform Conference

At the recent Howard League for Penal Reform Conference entitled ‘Crime, Justice and the Human Condition: Beyond the Cris(es) – Reframing and reimagining Justice’, Dr Lauren Smith presented her research on ‘The Lived Experiences of Crime and Gambling.  

Lauren also chaired a session on the research exploring the well-being of prison governors, which comprised three papers with colleagues from across the College of Social Science (Karen Harrison, Rachael Mason, and Gary Saunders). 

New Talks Presented by Lauren Smith

Last week, Dr Lauren Smith presented a paper on The Lived Experiences of Gambling and Crime at The British Society of Criminology conference at The University of Surrey. Attendance at the conference was funded by The Howard League for Penal Reform.

Also, Lauren was recently invited to do a short, pre-recorded talk for the recent Regional Inequality Commission workshop, hosted by Liz Shutt, University of Lincoln’s Director of Policy, which brought together local stakeholders to discuss the University’s role in reducing inequality. The talk was a summary of the collaborative projects arising from the Lincolnshire Reducing Offending Core Priority group.


FCRG members present at 2022 DFP conference

Recently, several FCRG members, along with past and present students, attended and presented at the 2022 Division of Forensic Psychology (DFP) annual conference in Solihull (14-16th June 2022). A host of oral and poster presentations, across a wide range of topics, were presented over the course of the event. Here’s a run down of them below:



Isobel Corfield (current MSc student) ‘Dacryphilia and its Affiliations’
Elizabeth Deehan (PhD student) ‘Using online viewing time measures to understand somnophilic sexual interests’
Matthew King-Parker (PhD student) ‘The Validation of the Burglary Scripts Assessment’
Georgia Harries (graduate) and Tochs Onwuegbusi ‘To replicate or conceal? Creating fairer line-ups for multiple suspects with dissimilar distinctive features’
Megan Hartley (current MSc student)   ‘Public perception of men who have committed infrafamilial and     extrafamilial sexual offences against children’ (published paper)
Roshini Sahsan-Stock (graduate) and Tochs Onwuegbusi ‘Impact of risk assessment, media and offender’s characteristics on lay people’s fairness in judgement of terrorist offenders’
Phil Willmot ‘Risk assessment with racially minoritised clients’
Rachael Dagnall (with Nic Bowes & Sophie Ellis) ‘Decolonising Forensic Psychology: An interactive workshop’
Phil Willmot ‘Why we need to stop talking about trauma: Thinking systemically about threat, safety and connection’
Michelle Smith ‘Systematic review of professional boundaries on risk in forensic secure settings: process learning and preliminary results’
Matt King-Parker (PhD student) ‘Re-enacting burglary scripts in virtual reality’
Leah Stainsby (graduate) & Tochs Onwuegbusi  ‘Impact or risk assessment and offender characteristics on lay people’s fairness in judgement and sentencing of violent offenders’
Abbie Chambers (graduate) and Michelle Smith ‘The relationship between dual role conflict & stress in staff working with forensic clients: An exploratory study’
Bethan Harcourt (graduate) and Michelle Smith Public perceptions of adolescents engaged in violent extremism
Karolina Wojcik (current MSc student) ‘The Function of sexual fantasies and their relationship with developmental factors’ (part of a symposium convened by Ross Bartels)
Courteney Ferguson (current MSc student) ‘Exhibitionism proclivity, sexual fantasy functions, and primary human goods’ (part of a symposium convened by Ross Bartels)
Elizabeth Deehan (PhD student) ‘Somnophilia: Attraction to a Sleep State or Specific Behaviours?’ (part of a symposium convened by Ross Bartels)

Amanda hosts the ‘Current Advances in Gambling Research‘ conference

On the 19th and 20th May 2022, Prof Amanda Roberts hosted the ‘Current Advances in Gambling Research‘ (CAGR) Conference in Cardiff, along with Colleagues from Kings College London and the University of Swansea.


The conference was a great success, with speakers and attendees from all around the world.


Also, FCRG members Lauren Smith and Tochs Onwuegbusi gave presentations. Furthermore, 3rd year undergraduate student Ben Hookway was invaluable in assisting Amanda and her team both before and throughout the conference.


The next CAGR conference will be held at the Royal Society in London (at the end of June 2023), so watch this space! If you would like to find out more about it, please get on touch with Amanda at aroberts@lincoln.ac.uk.

FCRG members present at NOTA 2022 conference

In early May 2022, Ross Bartels chaired a symposium entitled “Widening the Scope of Paraphilic Research: Examining Exhibitionistic, Dacryphilic, and Somnophilic Interests” at the 2022 NOTA conference in Leeds.


  • The symposium was comprised of three talks. The first was on ‘dacryphilia’ delivered by UoL MSc student Isobel Corfield; the second was on exhibitionism by MSc student Courteney Ferguson; and the third was on somnophilia by PhD student Liz Deehan. The session was well-attended and generated great interest and discussion.


  • MSc student – Karolina Wojcik – also presented a research poster on a new ‘Functions of Sexual Fantasy Scale’. NOTA have since invited Karolina to write a NOTA blog post about this piece of work.


  • Also, Hannah Merdian’s research, as part of a collaboration with the intervention provider Stop it Now! Scotland, was presented at the conference. The talk  was entitled: “Stop it Now! Scotland and online PROTECT: key trends and patterns in a dataset gathered from 800 clients over the past decade”.

Todd and Lauren give workshop on tackling knife crime

On the 29th April 2022,  FCRG members Todd Hogue and Lauren Smith, along with colleagues from the School of Social and Political Sciences (Tony Ellis, Sue Bond-Taylor and Carina O’Reilly), hosted a workshop to support to development of a new initiative to tackle knife-enabled crime in Lincolnshire, Think Sharp – which is being led by Lincolnshire Police.

The event was held at The Cathedral Centre and was the first of 2 workshops, attended by stakeholders with lived experience, and representatives from health, criminal justice and the local authorities, funded by the University of Lincoln’s allocation of the QR Policy Support Fund.