FCRG Members within the School of Psychology at UoL

Dr Ross BartelsSenior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology and FCRG Lead

My research focuses on using socio-cognitive measures and paradigms to examine processes underlying and associated with sexual thoughts, fantasies, and cognitions.

Lauren SmithDr Lauren Smith – Lecturer in Forensic Psychology and FCRG Deputy Lead

I specialise in the journeys of people in, through, and out of the Criminal Justice System, with a particular emphasis on supporting transitions and supporting families of people with convictions.

Georgina GousDr Georgina GousLecturer in Forensic Psychology

My research focuses on the accuracy of ear-witness testimony, investigating the use of leading questions during police interviews and cross-examination in court, the effectiveness of courtroom witness preparation techniques, the use of special measures for vulnerable and intimidated witnesses in court, and factors impacting jury decision-making.

Todd HogueProfessor Todd Hogue – Professor of Forensic Psychology

My main research is related to people who have sexually offended including: measures of risk and clinical change; the impact of individual differences and personality disorder; measuring deviant sexual interest and arousal; and attitudes toward sexual offender and reintegration into society.

Hannah MerdianDr Hannah Merdian – Associate Professor in Forensic / Clinical Psychology

My research interests are offenders who use child sexual exploitation material and their offence characteristics. I’m also interested in sexual deviancy and its assessment concerning criminal and non-criminal populations.

Michelle SmithMichelle Smith – Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

My areas of research interest include trauma and resilience in both offender populations and forensic staff, personality disordered offenders, and female offenders, .

Rachael DagnallRachael DagnallSenior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

My research interests include occupational stress among staff working in high-stress environments and how to increase resilience within such populations. I also research rehabilitative cultures within prison environments.

Tochukwu OnwuegbusiDr Tochukwu OnwuegbusiSenior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

My research focuses mainly on developing implicit/eyetracking measures for forensic assessment (e.g., sexual interest), attitudes to sexual offenders (ATS), among others.

Phil WillmotDr Phil Willmot – Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

I am a Consultant Forensic and Clinical Psychologist in the Men’s Personality Disorder Service at Rampton Hospital. My specialist areas include personality disorder, violent and criminally diverse serious offenders, and schema therapy.

Melanie St John-HoweMelanie St John-Howe – PhD Researcher and Teaching Assistant

Investigating the factors that mediate the link between sexual fantasising and sexual behaviour.

Elizabeth DeehanElizabeth Deehan – PhD Researcher

Investigating the nature and correlates of somnophilia and dormaphilia.

Alexandra FrostAlexandra Frost – PhD Researcher

Investigating resilience in bullying victimisation.

Matthew King-Parker – PhD Researcher and PGR Rep.

My research focuses on burglary, investigating the potential aetiological factors, particularly cognitions, and social factors. In addition, I use virtual reality to allow for the simulation of burglary offences in an immersive environment.

Helen Howell – PhD Researcher

My research focuses on risk factors for human directed aggression in dogs, particularly those relating to a dog’s owner and their interactions with the dog.  This is with the intention of developing a structured professional judgement tool for use in assessing the risk of human directed dog aggression.

Negar Nematiniaye Masooleh – PhD Researcher

My research focuses on sexual violence perpetrated against migrants and how this affects their well-being. I am interested in how culture, religion, values, and the community can impact on how a person perceives sexual violence.

Affiliate Members

The FCRG also has a number of affiliate members, both within and external to the school and university, who collaborate with the School of Psychology members.

Amanda RobertsProf Amanda RobertsProfessor in Psychology

My current research examines the risk factors for addiction, pathological gambling, and antisocial behaviour.

Rachael MasonRachael Mason  Senior Lecturer in Health & Social Care

Research interests include understanding the links between violence, impulsivity and substance use.

Aidan HartDr Aidan Hart – Clinical and Forensic Psychologist 

Specialises in learning and conditioning theory, as well as the assessment and treatment of violent and sexual offending and mental health issues. Skilled in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Behaviour Therapies, and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Doctoral Alumni

The FCRG’s doctoral alumni are active researchers who have gone on to undertake cutting-edge scholarly work in various Forensic areas of importance. We are proud of our former PhD students and what they have accomplished since their time at the University of Lincoln. Here, we provide some details of our alumni to date.

Charlotte WessonDr Greg Westerman-Hughes –  – completed 2022. Greg’s research interests focus on addiction, specifically behavioral addictions. His PhD research examined gaming addiction.
Charlotte WessonDr Charlotte Wesson –  – completed 2021. Charlotte’s doctoral research focused on human sexuality, including deviant sexual interest, and the methods used to study this.
Dr Rachel OrrittDr Rachel Orritt – completed 2016. Rachel’s doctoral research focused on dog aggression and dog bite prevention.
Dr Craig HarperDr Craig Harper – completed 2016. Craig’s PhD research focused on examining the psychological mechanisms that underpin public views and attitudes about sexual offenders.
Iain ReidDr Iain Reid  – completed 2015. Iain’s doctoral research focused on developing a holistic, proactive, and dynamic model of online communication. Related interests included discourses of terrorism and surveillance measures.
Dr Charlotte HallDr Charlotte Hall – completed 2011. Charlotte’s PhD  investigated the use of gaze patterns (via eye-tracking technology) as a measure of detecting sexual preference in forensic populations.