Recently, on the 14-16th June, FCRG members Todd Hogue, Ross Bartels, Lauren Mumby, and Craig Harper, along with ex-MSc student Chloe Slater, current MSc student (Ryan Hesp), and two finishing undergraduate students (Bethany Browne and Jessica Mabbott) all attended and presented at the BPS’ Division of Forensic Psychology conference in Brighton.

On the first day, Ross and Chloe (and colleague Dr Geraldine Akerman from HMP Grendon) presented¬†in a symposium entitled “Future Directions in the Treatment of Sexual Fantasies” organised by Ross and chaired by¬†keynote speaker¬†Prof. Tony Beech.¬†Ross discussed his Dual-Process Model of Sexual Thinking and how it can inform treatment of sexual offenders’ sexual fantasies, while Chloe discussed the results of her MSc research (see image below left), showing that an eye-movement task holds promise as a treatment strategy for sexual fantasies. Geraldine discussed the development & efficacy of her Fantasy Modification Programme. Later during the poster session, Ryan Hesp presented his results on his Voyeuristic Behaviour Proclivity Scale (see image below right).

Chloe DFP     Ryan DFP

On the second day, Todd (with Bethany and Jessica), Craig, and Ross presented in a symposium entitled “Understanding Punitive Attitudes and Judgements about Sexual Offenders” organised and chaired by Craig (see image). First, Ross discussed the results of a new study on implicit theories and judgements of sexual crime (see here for an FCRG post on this paper). Bethany and Jessica, along with Todd, presented research using the CAPP to examine stigma towards different offender types. Craig reported results from a study currently under review showing how a humanising narrative-based intervention can reduce negative implicit and explicit evaluations of paedophiles. Later in the day, Lauren gave a talk on the needs of people entering prison custody from court (see image right).

FCRG DFP     Lauren DFP

The conference overall was an excellent event – with great keynotes, symposia, and posters.