PNES study gets widespread interest

In February of this year, a study on psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNESs) – conducted by clinical psychologists Dr Lian Dimaro, Dr David Dawson and Dr Nima Moghaddam (in collaboration with researchers from the University of Sheffield, University of Nottingham, and Arizona State University) – was published in Epilepsy & Behavior. Unlike epileptic seizures, PNESs are thought to arise from complex psychological processes. Thus, in an attempt to understand PNES further, the study examined whether explicit and implicit anxiety was associated with seizure frequency and experiential avoidance in PNES sufferers (relative to epileptic seizure sufferers and controls). The findings offer insights into the aetiology of PNES and provide important implications for clinical practice. As such, the study has received growing interest and impressive coverage via websites such as Reddit, Sciencedaily, Sciencecodex, and epilepsyresearch.

For more information on the study, click on this link or contact Dr. Dimaro at

Prof. Todd Hogue presents at NOTA Conference (2014)

Todd Hogue
Last week on the 10th Sept, (Prof. Todd Hogue) presented at National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers’ (NOTA) Annual Conference in York, UK. Alongside Prof. Derek Perkins (of West London Mental Health Trust & University of Surrey), Prof. Hogue presented a workshop on “Assessing offence-related sexual interests in perpetrators of adult sexual violence”. The workshop involved explaining and demonstrating (via case examples) the various ways in which deviant sexual interest can be assessed in individuals who sexually offend against adults. Profs. Hogue and Perkins also provided insights from their own research during the workshop.

FCRG Members to Present at International Conference!

A number of forensic members of the FCRG will be attending and presenting at the International Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders’ (IATSO) 13th Annual Conference in Porto (Portugal) next month (3-6th Sept). More specifically:

– Prof. Todd Hogue will be chairing a symposium entitled “Cognition and Sexual Interests/Behaviours: New Theoretical, Assessment, & Treatment Insights’. Within this symposium, Prof. Hogue (alongside Prof. Derek Perkins) will present findings from their eye-tracking studies on sexual violence. Also, Dr. Ross Bartels will present his theoretical model of sexual thinking and fantasies.

– Dr Hannah Merdian will be presenting her research on Child Sexual Exploitation Material offenders within a symposium entitled “And yes, they ARE different!” (Treatment) Needs of Offenders who use Child Sexual Exploitation Material” (chaired by Prof. Doug Boer). Within this same symposium, Dr. Bartels will present a talk about the implicit theories of CSEM offenders. Finally, Dr. Merdian will present Danielle Kettleborough’s (PhD student) research about the development of a measure for assessing distorted cognition in CSEM offenders.

– PhD student, Craig Harper, will be presenting a talk about how sexual crime prototypes guide social and political discourse regarding sexual crime legislation. Craig will also be presenting a poster detailing a study that reimagines the Community Attitudes Towards Sex Offenders Scale (CATSO).

Finally, alongside Prof. Perkins, Dr. Merdian is running a workshop on how to manage CSEM offences and offenders.

The full programme for the conference can be found here:

If you’re interested in attending as a delegate, the registration information can be found here: