What: One-day professional training workshop
Title: “Internet-based Sex Offending: Case Formulation and Intervention Planning”
When: 20th November, 2014
Where: Hamilton House, London

OnlinePROTECT is a research and development group led by psychologists Dr. Hannah Merdian (University of Lincoln) and Prof. Derek Perkins (University of Surrey and West London Mental Health NHS Trust) that addresses the safety of children and young people in online and offline environments. The programme focuses specifically on those who view and produce child exploitation material (CSEM) and aims to gain insight into who the offenders are, examining the possible causes that led them to offend in the first place.

OnlinePROTECT invites professionals working in the assessment, treatment, management, and rehabilitation of offenders who used to the internet to sexually offend against children and young people to a one-day workshop on case formulation and intervention planning. Based on their research on CSEM offenders, onlinePROTECT developed the Pathway Model of CSEM offending. Workshop attendees will hear about the latest research developments on internet-based sex offending, be trained on the pathway model, receive a range of practical assessment tools for their client work, and be able to discuss their own case material and issues.

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