Lauren and Todd receive funding

 Dr Lauren Smith and Prof Todd Hogue (along with Anthony Ellis in the School of Social and Political Sciences) have been awarded £800 from the Policy Hub Fund to recruit a student to analyse data on behalf of Lincolnshire Police on their Police Education Scheme. The findings will be used to inform a larger scale bid. 

FCRG members complete report for the police

Prof Todd Hogue, Dr Lauren Smith, and Dr Tochs Onwuegbusi have completed a report for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire: 

Hogue, T.E., Smith, L., Mason, R., & Onwuegbusi, T. (Oct, 2023). An Evaluation of the Safer Together Team, Unpublished Report, University of Lincoln.

Todd receives funding relating to dog bite research

Prof Todd Hogue (colleague Daniel Mills from School of Life Sciences) received an Innovation Voucher award of £8,245.44 to work with the RSPCA to develop a bite risk triage tool for use by RSPCA Welfare Officers.  

Todd also received a Research Impact Support Fund award of ¬£3,376.40, for HDA-25 Application to Dog Bite Fatalities to work with PhD Candidate Helen Howell and Prof Daniel Mills to better understand the causes of UK dog bite fatalities

Rachael receives funding!


Rachael Dagnall has been successful in receiving funding to undertake a research project evaluating the effectiveness of the Changing Futures project (Sheffield). Changing Futures aims to support people who have been identified as experiencing multiple disadvantages. The programme seeks to engage and work with the most excluded adults and is specifically designed for individuals who have previously experienced challenges engaging with existing support services.

FCRG present at the DFP conference

On the 8-10th November 2023, the Division of Forensic Psychology held their annual conference in Belfast. Some members of the FCRG went along to the conference to present.


On the 8th Nov, Dr Phil¬†Willmot¬†gave a full workshop on ‚ÄúA trauma-informed approach to therapeutic boundaries in forensic settings‚ÄĚ to forensic practitioners and researchers.


On the 9th Nov, Rachael Dagnall presented the emerging findings from an ESRC-funded project exploring the experience of those living and working in prison during the Covid-19 pandemic.  


Liz Deehan

Elizabeth Deehan (who recently passed their PhD examination) presented the findings from one of her PhD studies in a talk entitled “How do people who are interested in somnophilia understand and view consent?

Todd and Lauren publish article

Prof Todd Hogue and Dr Lauren Smith have had an article published with a previous MSc Forensic Psychology student (Niamh Reeson) that reports qualitative findings from a study examining the perceptions of effectiveness in those working within ARC (Assisting Rehabilitation through Collaboration) in Lincolnshire.  From interview data, six key themes were generated relating to the perceived effectiveness of ARC; the ARC Cohort; ARC staff; barriers; outcomes; partnerships; and the wider policing staff.


Reeson, N., Smith, L., & Hogue, T. E. (2023). A Thematic Analysis of the Effectiveness of The Assisting Rehabilitation through Collaboration (ARC) Programme. The Police Journal0(0).

Ross gives talk at conference on unruly airline passengers 

On Oct 11th 2023, Dr Ross Bartels gave an invited talk at the 4th DISPAX World conference on Unruly Airline Passenger Management & Restraint. This two-day conference explored the causes of disruptive behaviour on aircrafts, the responses available, and the legal issues. Speakers and delegates included aircrew, regulatory authorities, industry associations, and law enforcement.

Ross’ talk was entitled “Understanding Frotteurism & Toucherism: Paraphilia in the Aircraft Cabin“, in which he discussed the prevalence of in-flight sexual offences, the potential role of frotteurism and toucherism, the facilitatory factors, and possible prevention methods. The talk was well-received and opened up important lines of conversation afterwards.

Lauren delivers talks at HMPPS Insights Festival

On Friday 29th¬†September,¬†Dr Lauren¬†Smith, Dr Niko¬†Kargas, and Rachael Mason (FCRG member from Health and Social Care) delivered a session to the HMPPS Insights Festival on the project (led by Niko¬†Kargas)¬†entitled ‘Meeting the Needs of Autistic Adults and Adults with Learning Disability in Midlands Prisons’.¬†¬†

The session was attended by 80 HMPPS staff, predominantly psychologists. 

Also, on Thursday 5th¬†October,¬†Lauren contributed¬†to a session¬†on¬†the HMPPS Insights Festival (led by The Howard League) on crime and gambling harms.¬†¬†She¬†talked¬†about the work developed in HMP Lincoln to address gambling-related harms.¬†The HMP Lincoln ‘whole prison approach’ was developed in response to findings from research by Lauren, as well as by¬†Prof Amanda Roberts