FCRG member and PhD student – Julie Pattinson – will present some findings from her doctoral research at the 2015 Postgraduate Student Conference: Public Engagement. The talk will be entitled “Predictive risk factors for problem gambling behaviour in UK older adults”.

Julie’s research focuses on trying to understand the largely ignored issue of gambling-related harm within UK adults over the age of 65 years. As her presentation title signals, the research Julie will present aimed to identify the major psychological and physical factors associated problem-gambling in a sample of older adults (65+) from across the UK (n = 695).

Five factors were found to most accurately predict problem-gambling behaviour in UK older adults, with the strongest being the level of gambling participation and playing slot machines. Other predictive factors included anxiety, playing bingo, loneliness and number of different gambling activities one plays regularly.

Come down to hear Julie and other postgrad students discuss their research on Thurs 26th March at the Riseholme Park Conference Centre (Riseholme Park Campus, Lincoln).