On the 27th March, Dr Robert Lehmann  was invited by Dr Ross Bartels to present some his research to the FCRG, along with colleagues from Lincolnshire Probation and HMP Wakefield.

Robert is a postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Institute of Forensic Psychiatry, Charité – University Medicine Berlin in GermanyHis research focus is on the prognostic and diagnostic value of sexual offenders’ crime scene behaviour.

Robert presented research showing that crime scene behaviours (CSBs) can be used to validate existing theoretical models of child abuse. He also presented research indicating that CSBs add incremental validity to a widely used measure of sexual recidivism (Static-99) in child abusers and rapists (both stranger and acquaintance). 

The presentation was extremely interesting and showcased the valuable implications of Robert’s work for clinical practice, as well as for the scientific understanding of sexual offending.

For an open-access copy of some of Robert’s research, click on the link/s below: 

Lehmann, R. J., Goodwill, A. M., Hanson, R. K., & Dahle, K. P. (2015). Acquaintance Rape Applying Crime Scene Analysis to the Prediction of Sexual Recidivism. Sexual abuse: a journal of research and treatment, 1079063215569542

Dahle, K. P., Biedermann, J., Lehmann, R. J., & Gallasch-Nemitz, F. (2014). The development of the Crime Scene Behavior Risk measure for sexual offense recidivism. Law and Human Behavior, 38, 569

Lehmann, R. J., Goodwill, A. M., Hanson, R. K., & Dahle, K. P. (2014). Crime Scene Behaviors Indicate Risk-Relevant Propensities of Child Molesters.Criminal Justice and Behavior, 41(8), 1008-1028.

You can also contact Robert at r.lehmann@charite.de