Sexual offending is a major problem within society due to the serious consequences it causes the victims, families, and community. As a result, psychologists are hard at work trying to understand sexual offenders more deeply so that we can devise better risk assessment methods, and provide more effective prevention and intervention strategies. However, the research is not always conveyed effectively to the public.

Therefore, on Friday¬†15th May, researchers within the Forensic and Clinical Research Group at the University of Lincoln will be running a free event to showcase what forensic psychology has taught us about sexual offending. Anyone who attends will learn about what kinds of research are being undertaken at the university and how it can be used in the real-world. It is hoped that the event will dispel common myths about sexual offending, while providing useful insights into what we do know. This will include talks by forensic psychology experts and PhD students, along with demonstrations of the research that we’re doing.

Admission to this public event is free of charge and it will run from 2-4pm. Note, given the nature of the topic, it is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

The event will take place in room BL1105 & BL1106 in the David Chiddick Building on Brayford Wharf  East (opposite the university’s library). If you are interested in coming along, please follow the signs to the area where the event is taking place.

Further information can be acquired here as well as from Dr Ross Bartels ( or Mrs Zoe Mead on 01522835510 or