FCRG PhD Students Charlotte Wesson and Craig Harper have both recently received good news in relation to this year’s PsyPAG Conference, to be held 22nd-24th July 2015 in Glasgow.

Charlotte has been awarded a bursary of £100 to attend the conference and to give a talk on her doctoral work, which examines the most effecive ways to measure sexuality and sexual interest.  Further, Charlotte will discuss developments in her PhD that seek to validate a new measure of sexual interest using tablet technology. She will also present a poster on the fluidity of female sexuality, data for which was collected for her undergraduate dissertation in 2013-2014.

Craig is this year’s winner of the PsyPAG Rising Researcher Award, which recognises up-and-coming researchers from the national pool of graduate-level psychologists.¬† As part of the award, Craig has won a prize of ¬£100, and expenses to attend the conference in July.¬† He has also been asked to give a presentation on some of his work, and will be discussing a recent project undertaken with the Lincolnite into the concept of ‘ontological insecurity’ and political ideologies.

PsyPAG is a national organisation set up and run by postgraduates, for postgraduates, within the area of psychology.  For more details about the conference, please see the website.

Congratulations to both!