On the 28th May, Dr. Ross Bartels was awarded £3160 from the British Psychological Society (BPS) as part of their International Conference Symposium Scheme. This scheme is designed to aid BPS Member Networks in showcasing – to an international audience – the variety and calibre of psychological research undertaken in the UK.

Dr. Bartels will use the grant to fund a research symposium at the European Association of Psychology and Law conference in Nuremburg, Germany (4-7th August 2015). Representing the Division of Forensic Psychology BPS network, this symposium will involve Dr Bartels, Prof Todd Hogue, and Ms Charlotte Wesson showcasing their recent work using tracking-based technology to assess sexual interests (with Prof Derek Perkins as the discussant).


More specifically, the symposium will include three oral presentations each reporting novel research using: 1) eye-tracking to assess areas on interest when viewing moving images (videos) of sexual coercion; 2) mouse-tracking to assess real-time decision processes during the appraisal of sexual stimuli; and 3) tablet-based technology to investigate kinaesthetic indicators of sexual interest.

More on this will be posted following the EAPL conference.