Last weekend (6-7th June), Prof. Todd Hogue joined a line-up of eight top canine behaviour experts (some of whom were also from the University of Lincoln) to present at the The National Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference. The event was run by renowned dog trainer Victoria Stilwell and was held at the University of Lincoln and was a great success. More info can be found here

Todd @ dogbite conference

Prof. Hogue’s talk – entitled “A Forensic Psychology Approach to Managing Dog Bite Risk” – involved discussing the idea that the principles underpinning research on offenders’ risk of reoffending can also be applied to dog bite risk (see image). Also, during the talk, Prof. Hogue discussed some of the novel research being undertaken by his PhD student Rachel Orritt.

The work discussed within the talk marks a novel approach to how techniques and insights from forensic psychology can be applied to other areas (in this case dog bite risk and dog aggression). Moreover, it demonstrates a unique way in which the area of dog bite prevention can be academically tackled. The FCRG looks forward to hear more about this new and fascinating topic.