Next week (1-3rd July) is the Division of Forensic Psychology Annual Conference in Manchester. We are pleased to announce that 2 of our PhD students (Craig Harper & Lauren Mumby) and 2 undergrad students (Gemma Stirland & Katie Boardman) will present at the conference, along with Prof. Todd Hogue & Dr. Ross Bartels.

craig h

Craig will be convening a symposium entitled ‘Attitudes Towards Sexual Offenders: Theory and Measurement on the first day. In this symposium, Craig will be giving two talks based on his doctoral research; one entitled ‘The Perceptions of Sex Offenders Scale: Development and validation of a new measure‘ and ‘Sexual crime prototypes and their link to public and political discourse’.


In the same symposium, Gemma Stirland (finishing 2nd year undergrad) will be presenting the main results from a systematic review in a talk entitled ‘Attitudes toward sexual offenders: What do we know, and why are they important?In addition, Prof. Hogue will present a talk entitled ‘Attitudes to Sex Offenders Scale: Development and validation of a 21 item short form’.



On the first day of the conference, Lauren Mumby (PhD student) will be presenting a poster entitled ‘Attributes Associated with Homelessness in Offenders’.

Katie B


In addition, Katie Boardman (finishing 3rd year undergrad) will present the results of her dissertation research in a poster entitled ‘The Ads May Work: Public Perception of Sexually Deviant Males‘ (along with Dr. Bartels).


The DFP programme and keynote talks look to be really interesting this year. We wish all presenters the best of luck at the conference and look forward to hearing how the presentations went.