3rd Years Present at Applicant Day

Last Saturday (12/03/16), two Level 3 undergraduate students on the ‘Psychology with Clinical Psychology’ course presented their dissertational research as part of a busy Applicant Day at the University of Lincoln.

Laura Edwards (top two pictures below) presented her research on eating disorders in males, while Francesca Jenkins (bottom two pictures below) presented her research on body size-estimation, body satisfaction, and life satisfaction.

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Both students did a great job and we wish them all the best with their final write-up!



NEW BOOK: ‘Formulation in Action’ by Dawson & Moghaddam

We are excited to announce that FCRG members Dr David Dawson and Dr Nima Moghaddam have just released a new edited book entitled ‘Formulation in Action: Applying Psychological Theory to Clinical Practice‘.

Formulation in action book


“Formulation is the theory-driven methodology used by psychological practitioners to guide their clinical work. This volume presents multiple psychological formulations of a single clinical case, written by psychologists embedded in clinical training, research, and practice. Each chapter outlines a case formulation from a particular theoretical position, which is then critically evaluated by authors working from alternative perspectives” (www.Amazon.co.uk).

The book is anticipated to be an invaluable resource for clinicians working in an applied setting, as well as for students, trainees, and those involved in clinically-relevant research.

For more information on the book and for a FREE digital download, click on the following link



onlinePROTECT conference (28th April, 2016). Register now!

FCRG member and onlinePROTECT (oP) lead Dr Hannah Merdian is proud to announce that the 2016 onlinePROTECT conference is now open for registration. The conference will take place on April 28th at Hamilton House in London.

The conference will address young people and the Internet, considering young people as both victims and perpetrators. The conference will proudly be fundraising for The Lucy Faithfull Foundation; a registered child protection charity which works across the UK to prevent child sexual abuse. The funds raised from this conference will specifically support the Internet Safety Seminars.

Speakers include:

Dr. Elizabeth Letourneau (KEYNOTE) – AssociatePprofessor at John Hopkins University and Director of the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Jon Brown – Head of Strategy and Development at NSPCC

Dan Callahan – Metropolitan Police Service

Dr Afroditi Pina –  Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology at University of Kent

Dr Elena Martellozzo – Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Middlesex University

More information about the conference can be found here – http://www.onlineprotectproject.co.uk/2016-conference/

Sign up for the conference is here – http://store.lincoln.ac.uk/browse/product.asp?compid=1&modid=1&catid=468

For regular updates, follow onlinePROTECT on Twitter – @online_PROTECT

New paper: Implicit theories of CSEM users (Bartels & Merdian)

FCRG members – Dr. Ross Bartels and Dr. Hannah Merdian – have recently published an article detailing an initial conceptualisation of the implicit theories held by fantasy-driven child sexual exploitation material (CSEM) users. Using a grounded theory approach to analyse the existing literature on CSEM users, Bartels and Merdian propose five CSEM-related implicit theories, each of which is contextualised by a general assumption about the reinforcing nature of the Internet. The five implicit theories include:

Unhappy World (a view that the world is uninterested and/or rejecting – linked to self-regulatory online behaviour)

Self as Uncontrollable (perception of oneself as “addicted” to the online behaviour)

Children as Sex Objects (dehumanising view of children as sexual objects)

Self as Collector (detached perception of CSEM as collectibles)

Nature of Harm (CSEM variant) (denial of role in the abuse cycle and minimisation of harm in CSEM)

This paper marks the first published article on this topic and is hoped to be a valuable contribution to the literature.

The article can accessed for free (up until 02/02/16) via this link

Dr. Adrian Parke talks about Problematic Gambling

In a recent FCRG post, we announced that – on the 20th Oct – Dr Adrian Parke travelled to Brussels to give an invited talk at an European Gaming and Betting Association event entitled “Responsible gambling: Consumer safety in the online environment”. 

We are now happy to announce that, for anyone interested in Dr. Parke’s work, you can watch and hear what he had to say at the event below. 

Watch Dr. Adrian Parke speaking at the European Parliament about online problem gambling

You can also watch the watch video directly on Youtube via this link.

For more information, you can contact Dr. Adrian Parke at: aparke@lincoln.ac.uk